The choose and buy of shower class

Shower room series product basically divides for square and circular two kinds, specification is more also. The actual situation that needs according to toilet chooses a product in buying a proces...

How to go buy hardware flower asperse

1, look at the hardware material bathroom hardware material has a variety of materials, which pure copper casting products often have a close structure, weigh by hand, in addition to similar produc...

What should I do if the flower sprinkler is leaking

1, flower sprinkler faucet water outlet leakageThis happens when the axial gasket inside the faucet wears out. According to the size of the faucet, we can choose the corresponding pliers to unscrew...

Properly install shower lock to take height

The correct height for installing a shower can be divided into two types according to the type of shower:Dark flowers are sprinkled, the center distance between the wall and the ground should be 2....

The flower asperses a few kinds of distinguishing way of stand or fall

Now the flower asperse a brand much, style also much, but see material to distinguish not easily from the surface. Because defend bath the flower is asperse also need to choose prudently, so how to...

What should I pay attention to when buying a shower?

First of all, showers are divided into three types: handheld showers, overhead showers and side spray showers, and handheld, overhead and side sprays. When consumers buy showers, the...

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