The flower asperses a few kinds of distinguishing way of stand or fall

2021-07-27 09:10
Now the flower asperse a brand much, style also much, but see material to distinguish not easily from the surface. Because defend bath the flower is asperse also need to choose prudently, so how to distinguish the material that defend bath the flower is asperse, make the flower is asperse practical?

Distinguish from the way that the flower sprinkles, generally speaking, the way that the flower sprinkles has:

1. General type: namely take a bath the shower water flow that needs basically, borrow by many water outlet, form a lot of water surface, create the effect like rain of large area from different water outlet Angle, enjoy bath thus the sound and smooth dripping. Suitable for a simple and quick shower.

2. Soft type: the water outlet is the meat and water bead water formed by the mixing of water and air in the mixing chamber, which is especially suitable for hair washing. Single-injection water flow out of the same outlet pipe, water flow concentrated but soft, can play a role in enhancing the body immunity.

3. Massage type: sprinkle a few water flow in runner cavity through making the flower centralized, spray with certain interval next go out, form massage water flow. Massage spray powerful, intermittent pour, can stimulate every acupoint of the body; This powerful pulse of water is both a massage and a tonic.

4. Strong beam type: the water flow out of the strong, can produce fog effect through the collision between the water flow, can increase the bath interest.

5. Turbine type: water flow is concentrated for a water column, make the skin has micro hemp micro itchy feeling, this kind of washing bath way can stimulate very well, clear head.

The self-cleanness that asperses from the flower will discern: common flower is asperse, its give water hole is collected normally inside, and a kind of design is opposite on the market, stylist boldly gives water hole bare outside, the simple sense of rubber feels hard. According to introduction, this kind of design is to undertake cleaning more conveniently on the one hand, scrub with hand, cloth all can; On the other hand, water hole highlights outside, shower water is met more natural. Additional, some flowers are aspersed have the function of self-cleanness, when spraying water, descaling needle can clean automatically the precipitate that gives water mouth, nevertheless price is aspersed with respect to a few more expensive than average flower.

The accessory detail that asperses from the flower looks: the flower asperses the simple sense that the head affects water directly, and the accessory that the flower asperses can affect what use is comfortable. Some brands of water pipes and lifting rods are particularly flexible, hose and steel wire flexor resistant material, the connection is also set with anti-twist ball bearings, even if you take a bath while dancing, water pipes will not "fight"; With a rotary controller, it is easy to move vertically or horizontally.

The water-saving that asperses from the flower will discern: the water-saving function that the flower asperses is the key that should consider when the flower of choose and buy is aspersed. Some flowers asperse use core of steel ball valve, match with to adjust hot water controller, can adjust hot water to enter the inflow volume that mixes cistern, make hot water to be able to flow out quickly and accurately thereby. The flower that this kind of design is more reasonable asperses than common flower asperses water saving 50%.

Distinguish from the height that asperse from the flower: the type that the installation height that the flower asperse can divide by the flower two kinds: dark place flower is asperse, metope is buried darkly center of outlet is apart from should be 2.1 meters with the ground, center of shower switch is apart from with ground suggestion 1.1 meters; Ming installs lift rod flower to asperse with flower commonly asperse water surface to be delimit, its distance proposal is 2 meters.
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